Exploring the Hebraic Foundations of the Faith in Yeshua the Hebrew
Messiah also called Jesus the Christ.

This writer has been exploring these foundations since 1995 and the
Research Papers have been published in hard copy since 2005.  Yeshua
said that He had only brought His Father’s Word and not His own (John
12:49).  His Father’s Word was recorded as He spoke from Mount Horeb
in Midian in Arabia after He had Redeemed His people out of Egypt in
The Exodus.

Yeshua also said that not one Hebrew letter (the yod) nor one
decorative spur on a Hebrew letter (the tittle) would be removed or
abrogated before His Return to Rule and Reign on Earth for a Millennium
(Matthew 5:17-19).

Therefore have we continued to misunderstand the Apostle Paul as the
Apostle Peter suggests (2 Peter 3:14-16)? Paul said that ALL Scripture
was to be useful to us for training and discipleship (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
as we walked out The Way of The Faith which he said was a sect of
Judaism (Acts 24:14).

For three centuries The Scriptures Paul refers to are the Hebrew
Scriptures – The TNK – because the Renewed Covenant Scriptures were
not ratified before the third and fourth centuries.

This writer has therefore studied under the anointing of the LORD’s Holy
Spirit (1 John 2:27) in order to rediscover and return to The Way of The
Faith in Yeshua by spirit and by truth as His Father, our Heavenly
Father, has desired that His disciples learn to walk (John 4:23-24).

Let us be prepared to reconsider all Man has taught about these
Scriptures over the centuries and Return to the Teaching of The LORD
YHVH God, The Covenant God of Israel, and His Son Yeshua the

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©2021 Penny Byrne